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Geer Cup

Dr. Fred Geer Academic Cup:
The Geer Cup is given annually to Avila's most outstanding student-athletes and teams. An individual male and female student-athlete is chosen each year, as well as the top men's and women's academic team, based on GPA. The individual and team winners of the Geer Cup are announced during Homecoming each Fall.

This academic tradition was started during the 2002-03 season as a way to recognize the hard work and dedication of student-athletes in the classroom, and to honor the legacy of current Avila professor and long-time Faculty Athletic Representative, Dr. Fred Geer.


Team Cup Award:
Decided by the highest annual accumulative GPA of Varsity participants.
If needed, then by the highest total accumulative GPA of Varsity participants.

Individual Student Athlete Award:
Individual with the highest annual accumulative GPA

  • Must be an active Varsity participant during year it was earned.
  • Must be in school during the fall term of the awarding and still an active team member. It cannot be awarded to an eligible athlete who did NOT return to school.

If needed, then by the individual with the most earned credit hours.
If needed, then by the individual with the highest total accumulative GPA.


2013-14 Geer Academic Cup Winners:

Team Winners

Men: Cross Country, Team GPA of 3.24

Women: Volleyball, Team GPA of 3.51

Individual Winners

Individual Female: Jodi Hellebusch, Women's Soccer – 4.0 for 2013-2014 – 15 cr hrs in FA; 19 cr hrs in SP – 136 pts.

Individual Male: Michael Hudson, Cross Country – 4.0 for 2013-2014 – 16 cr hrs in FA; 16 cr hrs in SP – 128 pts.

Past Geer Academic Cup Winners
Year Women's Individual Women's Team Men's Individual Men's Team
2013-14 Jodi Hellebusch, Soccer Volleyball Michael Hudson, Cross Country Cross Country
2012-13 Emily Volker, Soccer Basketball (W) Ben Dlugolecki, Soccer Soccer (M)
2011-12 Arianne Henry, Basketball Golf (W) Kyle Dlugolecki, Soccer Soccer (M)
2010-11 Morgan Brucks, Cheer Basketball (W) Geoffrey Gahn, Golf Soccer (M)
2009-10 Danielle Price, Soccer Golf (W) Kyle & Ben Dlugelecki, Soccer Soccer (M)
2008-09 Elizabeth Roberts, Dance Golf (W) Thomas Wolf, Soccer Soccer (M)
2007-08 Bailey Pyle, Cheer Basketball (W) Patrick Turk, Soccer Soccer (M)
2006-07 Lauren Miller, Volleyball Basketball (W) Shawn Wadsworth, Baseball Soccer (M)
2005-06 Jill Hainey, Softball Basketball (W) Brian Berger, Soccer Soccer (M)
2004-05 Sarah Davis, Volleyball Soccer (W) Joseph Ruiz, Baseball Baseball
2003-04 Ashley Schouten, Soccer Soccer (W) Nick Tebbe, Football Soccer (M)
2002-03 Unknown Soccer (W) Unknown Soccer (M)