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Men's Soccer - Mon, Jul. 10, 2017
Max Hasselquist and Roberto Camacho created Wobblrs™ after graduating from Avila University.
Max Hasselquist and Roberto Camacho created Wobblrs™ after graduating from Avila University.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former Avila soccer players Max Hasselquist and Roberto Camacho have taken the soccer world by storm in recent months with their creative new game and training tool, Wobblrs™.

Wobblrs™, which is a soccer-specific tailgate game as well as a training tool on the practice field, began as an idea in the parking lot of Children's Mercy Park ahead of a Sporting Kansas City match in 2015. Since the idea was formed, Wobblrs™ has become increasingly popular in the area and the product is growing nationally.

"In the beginning, we said to each other, It's so simple, and just maybe it could become one of those products you see that make you think, 'why didn't I think of that,'", Hasselquist said.

Wobblrs™ is a story about two friends, Max Hasselquist and Roberto Camacho who met in college on soccer scholarships. After graduating, they each got married, started careers, bought houses, and started families. Living life simply got in the way. Both realized they wanted an excuse to get together again, so they purchased season tickets to the local MLS club team, Sporting Kansas City.

"While tailgating, we started playing a mindless game that involved two water bottles," Hasselquist said. "We placed the bottles on the ground about 11 steps from each other and the objective was to knock over your opponent's water bottle by kicking it with a soccer ball. Each time you hit your opponent's bottle, you got 1 point—first to 11 won the round. It was a great way for us to enjoy soccer informally."

He said that the more they played this game, the more they enjoyed it, but the more they enjoyed it, the more they realized how much they hated picking up the water bottle every time it was knocked down.

"As we looked around the parking lot, we saw other people playing this same game with improvised materials," Camacho said. "People played with water bottles, aluminum cans, or even glass bottles. That's when we knew the game was flawed but could be fixed. So we decided to create a product that was fun, safe, and self-rights. This fixed the inconvenience of resetting the 'pin' every time it was knocked down."

The idea was to build a product that would be self-correcting, meaning that you could play the game and not have to pick up a bottle or can.

After nearly a year of sketches, renders, 3D printed prototypes, testing, revisions, market studies, entrepreneurship classes and more, the product has been created and is patent-pending and ready for the next step.

Max and Roberto started a KickStarter page for Wobblrs™, which will remain open until July 13th, 2017 at 11 p.m. CST. You can find that page by clicking here: Wobblrs™ KickStarter Page

The Wobblrs™ KickStarter page reached its goal of $30,000 over the weekend, meaning that they are now fully funded and ready for production. There is still time to pledge, though, giving you the opportunity to be a part of it all and receive your very own Wobblrs™.


How to Play:

1. Set each Wobblr inline at a distance you are comfortable with.

We recommend 11 steps, after all we are talking soccer!

We recommend 11 steps, after all we are talking soccer!

2. Grab some friends (1v1 or 2v2) and start kicking!

3. Teams stand behind their designated Wobblr and alternate kicks as well as players.

4. Players cannot obstruct the ball while the ball is in play.



  • The objective is to hit the opposing team's Wobblr.
  • Each hit, which make the Wobblrs™ wobble = 1 point
  • First to 11 points wins! You must win by two.
  • Players must kick & stand behind the Wobblrs™.
  • Obstructing the ball before it crosses the plain of the Wobblr = 1 point for the opposing team. 
  • Don't be that player who scores on your own goal (Doh!). Hitting your own Wobblr pin = 1 point for the opposing team


While Wobblrs™ was created as the first known soccer-specific tailgate game, it has also proved to be very well-received as a training tool for soccer players of all ages and ability levels. Wobblrs™ can be used in place of cones for passing drills, saving coaches and players precious practice time by no longer needing to pick up and replace cones.

"Wobblrs™ will help introduce your players to soccer and make it fun," Hasselquist said of the product. "Playing with Wobblrs™, youth players are enjoying the game of soccer while unconsciously getting better at passing and dribbling. We can't wait to see where it could go within the training grounds as well as in physical education scenarios."

After Kickstarter, they will turn their website into an e-commerence platform. They will continue to take pre-orders through their website while they purchase molds and start the manufacturing process. Wobblrs™ are set to hit the market in March of 2018.  

Their next milestones are to approach Major League Soccer and U.S. Youth soccer in hopes of a partnership to not only sell team banded Wobblrs™ but also expand and implement a curriculum.


About the Creators:


Max Hasselquist and Roberto Comacho both played soccer and graduated from Avila University. Max graduated with a degree in vocal performance in 2009 and earned a master's degree from Avila, Teaching and Learning, in 2014. Roberto graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2012.

Roberto, a graphic designer, has worked for award-winning branding agencies since graduating from Avila. He attends nearly every Sporting KC game at Children's Mercy Park, chanting along with The Cauldron, Sporting KC's supporter's group.
Max is currently a school teacher who spends his time educating and inspiring children. He also has extensive experience as a youth, college, and as an Olympic development soccer coach. He knows how to connect with kids and make learning fun!

Together, they have 50 years of experience playing the game of soccer and are excited about its future in the United States.

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